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XIAOLU GEMSTONE Co., Ltd. was established in 1998,has been committed in Xinjiang and nephrite processing and sales; from raw materials procurement to production, processing, every piece of jade works produced by the senior staff supervised the entire process of carving, from the material selection, design, carving, sanding, etc., every aspect of every process and strict checks to improve. An embryo in the designer designed Yu, Yu Jiang's magic embellishment, and be characterized as true to life, knowing vivid, highly artistic appreciation and collection value. At present the scale of our factory has reached more than 200 individuals, plant area of 6,500 square meters; the processing of various types, and Hetian products sold throughout the country, our company in China, Guangzhou, Taipei and Japan already have exhibition, our company " good faith "as the production and management purposes. General Manager Lu Youde welcome friends all over the world, groups and overseas to OEM, and would like to thank all the friends of the little gems Lu care and love. Wanted monopoly joined together to promote the jade culture.