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And Tian is the origin of Xinjiang - Wada named, Hotan in southwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China. Hotan jade produced delicate texture, the color of creamy, snow-white, called jade in Need. And Tian in China at least 7,000 years of history, also known as nephrite, jade culture in China the main body, and Tian mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Yarkand - Taxkorgan, Hotan - Khotan, Qiemo stretches 1,500 km of the Kunlun Mountain slope.
And nephrite mineral composition tremolite - actinolite-based. And contain trace amounts of diopside, serpentine, graphite, magnets and other minerals to form a variety of colors. Jade is translucent, was lipid-like luster polished, hardness of 5.5 degrees to 6.5 degrees. If it was divided by color: white suet - white in the top grade, texture, color white, delicate, moist, slightly transparent, like a suet suet who said white, with 99% flash through the stone, the same weight of jade material, the several times the economic value of white jade. White - with flash over 95% through the stone, the color white, texture, pure, delicate, shiny moisture, as in the varieties and nephrite. Green Jade - texture and no significant difference between white and only white jade green light in the pan, the economic value slightly inferior to white. Sapphire - Color TANSEI, green, gray and white are called sapphire, color uniform, fine texture, with 89% flash through the stone, actinolite and 6% were oil-like sheen. Moyu - flash clip through the rock graphite, magnet components that were black, mostly black jade jade gray or gray ink black markings in the folder. Jasper - produced in the Junggar jade mining, also known as the Tianshan jasper. Grayish green, dark green, dark green, dark green in color for the top grade pure. Sugar Jade - flash through the stone or iron oxide into shades of red hull, dark red called "candy jade", "tiger of jade," White said slightly pink "pink jade." Sugar, often in white or Su Yu Yu said as two-color jade material, can be made "pretty color of jade." Among the most expensive white suet. In terms of output, compared Types: Shan Liu, mountain water, seed material, of which the texture of the seed material, the most delicate, oily crystal, jade in the treasures. And cooked at an altitude of 3,500 meters Tian to 5,000 meters high in the rock. Mining and transport are very difficult, plus it is really less and less on the good and nephrite. Suddenly, the price of three decades have soared 1000-fold, which is more and more people Tian collection and one of the reasons. Through scientific analysis and nephrite, jade found to contain zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese and other trace elements in the human body in long-term exposure, would be gradually absorbed by the body, improve the body's immune function, said Jade is also a calm and soothe the nerves of the effect. Wear jade bracelets, long-term healthy massage, not only of the disease than blurred vision, and can build their strength, raise the spirit.